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Angela Anne


Adventures In The City!

Last week I set out on a new adventure!
My boyfriend Michael and I decided to have a cute little picnic on the Toronto Islands! I feel sometimes that the best way to see, experience and enjoy the city is going about it in the cheapest way. I am a student, and let's face it- I love inspiration, but I love it more when I can afford it! Plus, it's exciting to find ways to enjoy yourself without material things, or a wad of cash because it forces you to be creative and resourceful.

We headed out to Union Station and walked to the Ferry docks from there. It was later in the afternoon, around 4:30pm and at first we thought, "Well, it's a bit late", but it actually worked in our favour and has now become my new 'Traveling-to-the-Toronto-Islands' tip! A large majority of people at the docks were leaving, having already completed their adventures, therefore line-up for the Ferry was considerably smaller, we had a chance to scurry right up to the front for the BEST view, and the Islands felt like out own private piece of Toronto.

After landing on Ward's Island (you can find a map of all the Island Ferry docks and the activities on them here), we walked past the marina, over a bridge to Algonquin Island. We found a spot right by the water's edge under a tree and took in all of the nature surrounding us, as well as the best view of the Toronto skyline I have ever experienced! 

We had a picnic made by Michael, relaxed, took pictures and eventually made it back to the Ferry. We got on, and were happily surprised to be going to the Hanlan's Point Ferry dock before heading back to Toronto. The ride was happening throughout the stages of a gorgeous sunset and made our adventure to the Toronto Islands complete! We took many (maybe too many) pictures, and are planning our return very soon. If you live in, around or are visiting Toronto, this trip a MUST and is inexpensive, exciting and inspiring!
Angela Anne