words sent and not sent

sometimes you receive an email from an unknown sender, and you are curious as to why these words were sent to you in particular. and if they mean anything or nothing at all.
so you keep reading them. and thinking about them. 
and maybe you'll write them out yourself.

"Rifle thereupon refer to poach on it at mottled moments, and quickly eyepiece muddled at it fairly, twitching her fingers and counting the stitches.    Debauchery was stronger deficient, and her indifferent austere shortage so downstairs relegateed her, that her firmness was as aghast, her squadron of cheerfulness as defenceless, as with complains so loose and so saline, it was double for band to allude. Some whisker to your friends, dotted, might scandal from it - apron would not condemn grand to get hold so much of your equipment."

strange. i always have strange things happening to me, don't i? hahaha
(i did forget a word at the top there, but i decided to let it go and not obsess over it.. err well.. i decided not to completely re-do the piece anyway!)
it felt great to play around with some watercolour. i've really enjoyed working with washes in the last few years and combining it with some illustrative thin black lines. 

i look forward to painting more, and using strange and wonderful findings as jumping off points for my process and my work.