this is by no means a finished product

...but i simply could not stand to look at my old, ugly blog design for much longer.

i get by with my ability to draw, use a scanner, use photoshop and tweak with blogger as far as blog design goes... but this re-design has me stumped! i am not quite sure what my aesthetic is right now. i change things often, and
consequently, my taste changes often as well. i guess the bigger question here is asking how i define myself right now.
and that's a big question!

how do you define yourself?

p.s. normal size font, i despise you. small font, you are nice, but i worry about people being able to read you well! (what do you think? is it a smidgen on the small side?)



  1. I have this problem with my blog too. I'll redesign and install it all and then be happy for about ten minutes. I would love to hire a designer for it to look polished, but need the moohla.
    I don't mind the small font, but I'm reading this in the morning - might be harder at night? lol.
    Happy Canada Day!

    1. Yes, I feel you there. Design is simply something I can't justify spending my money on right now! But also, I think for me, it's hard to find something that says: Hey! This is Angie, completely! And with so many blogs out there, I feel like I can't even use some imagery because it's been done before!

      Thanks for always reading and commenting Mel <3
      Happy Canada Day to you too!

  2. I loooveeee your new banner!


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