to make & to find wall

I have this awkward little corner in my bedroom that houses (hah) a wall that is too small and inconveniently exists right behind my door. I have thought about putting a mirror here, some shelving maybe, or even go rogue and paint it with chalkboard paint. Granted, any of these option may happen in the future, but for right now, I would like to introduce you to my
to make & to find wall.

I am constantly gathering items that I find, building on my pile of polaroids and instax photos, and making 'stuff' here and there. So I thought, hey, why not slap it on the wall if I like how it looks? 

And I do! I love it!

I just look over and feel a jolt of inspiration, a sense of calm (in the rest of my sometimes messy room) and though it sounds silly, a sense of pride. People put up their achievements on the wall- family photos, diplomas and awards. So why not celebrate creativity and the joy of finding and showcase things that you love to look at?
I really do think that no matter how small, how detailed or how irrelevant it is,  
something made with your hands is something worthwhile.
The only thing I have to be careful of now, is that this wall doesn't expand TOO much and overtake my whole entire room! It might happen, I can't make promises.

The great thing about a wall like this is that you can mix, match and change what you display as often as you like! There is little commitment to what you are displaying, and since I am using tacks I just have to fill a few tiny holes if I want to rid of the to make & to find wall. If you don't want tacks in your walls, you have other options too! Use a cork board or even use a sticky non-permanent adhesive gummy type thing to stick things onto your wall. Either way, the possibilities of your display wall are plentiful.

As for right now, I am smitten and cannot wait to add more!

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