sweater weather
apple picking
giving thanks
 yellow leaves against blue skies
 country drives
pumpkin picking
gathering leaves 

I had a small surgery in mid-October (I had my gallbladder removed)
and while I thought I would be on the internet, reading blogs and finding new things, I did the opposite.
I found myself not touching my laptop for two weeks and it was kind of refreshing!
My recovery was not bad at all after the first week and I am feeling great now. It is nice to know I will never get another gallbladder attack again.
 I did, however, catch a terrible case of Cabin Fever.
But these sort of experiences are good for my life process as an artist.
It is strange how the mind twists and turns when faced with things like loneliness, solitude and recovery.

Going for walks in the Autumn sunshine, going on adventures with my mom and enjoying the season were what helped to keep me happy.


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