new blog, testing

hey there, anyone?
welcome to my new blog!
i am currently in the process of separating my visual art blog from my "everything-else-i-like-to-blog-about-blog"! so welcome to my little spec of the internet!

i felt that it was important to do so for my professional career (i am currently an art student, soon to be graduating!) and seeing as i am not going to be starting up a website for my artwork for a while, it needed to be clean and well done. 

 hopefully this will work well for anyone who wants to read my blog- as we can see i currently have [edit] ONE follower! so feel free to pimp me out! and follow me! i'll have buttons and custom everything soon, and will start blogging daily.
as for my art blog, that will be going through a huge re-vamp too! and hopefully you will follow it as well (www.angelaanneart.blogspot.com). 

this is a huge undertaking for me and it might take a while so please be patient!

thanks for your support if (i have some =P) and hopefully you will follow me! 

later alligators,
Angela Anne

1 comment:

  1. hey!
    good luck with the new venture!
    i just saw your comment on janel's blog about canada, and figured it wouldn't hurt to follow a fellow toronto gal :)
    i'm not there right now but will be back in the annex in sept :)


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