good evening!

happy birthday canada!
you are 143 today, and you don't look a day over 140!
here is a quick post of some of the places i would love to visit in this amazing country: (i am going to try to find as many of these photos in polaroid form, just because!)

01. nova scotia (where i can find tugboats and lighthouses, accents and the rising tides of the bay of fundy)
02. british columbia (i want to meet the forests and beaches and maybe one day, the whales of the west coast!)
03. the endless fields of saskatchewan (and better yet, if i had some friends to join me [like the folks in this photograph] on a never-ending road trip from one side of the country to the other)
 04. banff (do i need to say more, look at the water and the mountains! and maybe take along all of my cameras and pretend i am ansel adams, or go camping, or both?)
05. (aurora borealis [northern lights] (i could NOT find a polaroid of them, so maybe i will trek my floppy toque and mittens up north and take one of my own. they seriously look like magical paintings)

i pretty much just want to travel to every corner of canada, haha! these are just a few of the spots, for now. i'll continue the list every once in a while, promise! it really is a beautiful country with so many diverse landscapes to explore, and photograph and paint, etc.

i now have my blog up and running!
i hope you think it's cute- it may change depending on my mood, i never quite make up my mind.
i decided to delete ALL of my previous posts (i think there were 59) from the last year. i went through them all and realized that i just had a rough year! i want to use this blog to be inspired and to inspire you, to be positive, and to make changes to my life, and to be creative. and the more followers i get, i think the more motivated i will become!

thanks for stopping by for a visit, i have a bunch of my own film to upload tomorrow, and a thrift store find to share! 

later alligators,
Angela Anne

sources: source 01., source 02., source 03. & 04., source 05.

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