as promised...
here are the most recent fujifilm instax shots i have taken
i hope you enjoy them!

the first 10 shots are from a beach nearby called Sibbald Point- it's about 40 minutes away, which is the closest beach (lake) i have to my home! i have a lot of fond memories here- i used to go often as a child with my mom, my brother,  sometimes cousins or friends, and my grandparents. my grandfather passed away about 5 years ago, and this place always reminds me of him. i try to go as much as i can in the summer, and i think it's safe to say it's one of my special places to go.

this day was a couple of weeks ago, just me and my mom. i only planned on using a few pictures, but ended up using a whole pack. my mom and i got a little creative, and it was super cute and fun! 
here they are (in order too!):

photo 03. (we found this stick and stuck the photo in! we loved how it turned out, and took the stick home!)
photo 04. and 05. (i LOVE these two)
photo 06. (my mom took this one)
photo 07. (i look so weird and gross here, but i guess that's not the point, haha!)
photo 08. and 09. (i LOVE these two too!)
photo 10. (this is the spot my grandpa always hung out at, and now this is the only spot i go to at the beach)

photo 11. and 12. these two shots are from some flowers in my backyard-
one is close up and more of a silhouette, one is more detailed... and i love them both!

again, i hope you liked my photos, and here's wishing you a sunshiney day and a wonderful end to your weekend!

Angela Anne

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