happy new year's eve!

cheers! good riddance to 2010!

i hate to be a debbie downer, but this year [overall] was not so great to me. i had a lot of hard times with only a few great memories and accomplishments [getting my BFA, getting chosen to blog for the CNE, seeing Lady Gaga in concert, celebrating my birthday with mustaches, buying a michael kors bag (with gold detailing, not silver) and going to New York (that was still a pretty lonely trip)].

i'm not in the frame of mind to be making goals for the new year and acting optimistic for what is to come [though i know there are many exciting changes that will happen] because my year has ended off on a very bad note- i am getting over a very rough break up. what can i say ladies [and gents]? my heart is broken. and it hurts like hell. 

i guess as decades go, it was a good one. i completed three levels of schooling, and have grown a lot from my 12-year-old-days. i guess i am just ready to move on and keep going. and find the things that make me happy. but i know it'll take some time.

i might even be spending this night all alone [seriously, that is going to suck] but i wish you and yours a smashing good time!

oh, hey 2011!
i'm Angela Anne. let's be friends, k?

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  1. awwwwwww angie!
    i am sorry 2010 wasn't that great for you, although the things you did sound awesome!

    and i didn't realize you guys broke up and you had a broken heart. sooo sorry to hear :(

    i hope 2011 brings you lots of amazing things as i am sure it will!



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