hello you!

i know i am not the most frequent blogger, but i just wanted to say hello, i am alive! 
i've been avoiding the internet for a couple of weeks [in order to avoid any unnecessary drama that may or may not occur... long story haha] and have been a little bit busy!

i am volunteering at my high school in the Visual Arts classes and i really like it- i hope that i can dive right into teaching after teacher's college [i applied for september, i have to wait until april to hear if i've been accepted, ugh! so far awaaay]... i am also working on my sketchbook for the sketchbook project- when my sketchbook is digitized i will be sure to put the link up so you can all see it.

hmm what else am i doing?? ooo! i am working on a blog makeover for miss julie ross that i promise will be super duper cute. and yes, there will be cupcakes involved!

today i bought some doc martens- just a black pair ($95!! how could i pass that up?!) to deal with the slush.
i can't lie... last week i was walking to the salon my bffs work at called hair on the avenue [it is such a gorrrgeous vintage inspired salon with velvet damask wallpaper and chandeliers set in an old house] i love it so much and my friends are amazing hairdressers! while i'm at it, let me show you my new hair: 

sorry it is only a macbook photobooth picture it comes off a little dark! i kept my natural dark brown base and did a copper ombre and i absolutely love it!
anyhoo back to my story... i was walking through yorkville [a rich, fancy pants area of Toronto] and it started to snow, and i was just wearing my leather flat boots that i wear everywhere and are getting totally worn out... aaaand of course i took a major flip in front of everyone hahaha- wet knees and all! 
so hopefully the doc martens help me completely avoid any future slush flips!
i have to say though i am totally in love with these black floral ones i tried on too- too bad they were only canvas... but i think i might just buy them in the spring because they are looovely:
i am off to draw/paint/etc! have a great weekend all!
i have double special plans tomorrow, the first is top secret, the second is dinner with my girls and i am so excited!

Toodle-oo my dears!
Angela Anne

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