happy valentine's day, kiddos!

now, this is my kind of valentine's day card! hehe! i can't help it, i am such a sucker for a mustache on a cute boy! speaking of boys... who needs 'em!? haha!
this valentine's day is dedicated to loving MYSELF! i have to say, it is nice to reach a point where, though i am still working on it, i am happy to be
on my own.
so happy valentine's day, no bitterness attached!

i am supposed to be packing! eep! off to Cuba tomorrow with my family!
i am so excited to get my tan on, work with my new camera, and swim in the ocean! *sigh!*
i will leave you with this interesting take on a love song:
(plus i am in love with the blue-eyed banjo playing keyboardist in this band) 

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  1. good for you! hehe. i love men with beards, it's my weakness... ha!


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