oh yeah, birthday, yeah!
(yes that was fully a jersey shore reference! haha oops!)

tomorrow is my 23rd birthday (ew!) so tonight i am going to a club and dancing it up with my ladies! (we usually aren't the club, bottle service types, but that's what makes it so fun and hilarious!)

to get ready for tonight i did some restyling on a pair of shoes and a cardigan! i want to submit them to project restyle, but i have no time right now, i have to go get my hurrr did!

I bought some studs at fabricland and glued these bad boys on! i can't wait to wear it and hope none of them fall off! hahaha
these were my most comfortable heels! i have never had a blister or sore foot while wearing these (that usually happens to me with most shoes) even after a night of dancing! but they were purple with a straw, espadrille-esque heel, and i didn't get a chance to wear them often because they looked so summery. so i took some silk screening ink and painted it on! i know i will get much more use out of them being black, and can play around with accessories on them! i think tonight i will put bows on the toes!

well, goodbye year twenty-two! it was.... weird. haha
23 is weirder though. 
too old to be young, too young to be old!


happy almost birthday to me! 

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