i am still around and kicking, i promise!
(thanks Julie)

but here's the deal:
my to-do list is MONSTROUS! and well the motivation has been... a lot less than monstrous. i do have a bunch of things to work on, and once i'm feeling a little more excited about them, i will definitely start updating!

BUT, guess what?! i got into teacher's college! YAY (thank goodness)
i was so nervous, but i can't wait- even though it's going to be a crazy amount of work. (p.s. i want to teach high school art, english and creative writing- but mostly art if i can do that)

AND camp is in a month! (i volunteer as a camp counselor for a grade 8 graduation trip at Arts & Athletics Camp, but this year i am being paid as an instructor- it is a little bittersweet, to be honest! i will miss having my own cabin, but it is an exciting opportunity to be chosen as an instructor.)
i seriously love camp! this one i feel is extra special. it brings kids who don't know each other SO close in only 5 days. it really is one of my favourite places on earth!

so i might as well... here we go, here's my list (oh gee):
- re-design my blog
- take photos of artwork
- create a website for my art/photography/ etc?
- create more, in general!
- have an art show this summer
- clean and organize my art space (in my basement)
- clean and re-decorate my room (i really need to do this before i start school so i have somewhere to work and sleep properly... plus it's so fun once all you need to do is decorate)
- (speaking of) get my sleep schedule back! i go to sleep at 5am, it sucks!
- start my volunteer work again
- hit the gym (a lot)
- take more photos (instagram is helping- angiesarus is my username if you have it!)
- i am sure there is more i can slap on there, trust me
- oh yeah! get a job that i don't detest! haha (until mid-august)

that is all for now i suppose, my dears!
getcha smile on! summer is coming! 
Angela Anne

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  1. glad you're back girly!
    congrats on getting in to teachers college! AMAZING!
    lots of fun & cute things on that list...can't wait for you to share:)


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