time for sharing!

i was just looking at some engagement photos i shot last september and thought that i should share some! enjoy! (and let me do your engagement photos too? hehe)

warning! this post is image heavy! (but i think you might like it!)

p.s. just click for a better resolution! 


let me know what you think!
i hope you enjoyed!

<3 Angela Anne


  1. Beautiful pictures! the ones taken on the train tracks are the perfect time of day to capture the glow of the sun.

  2. I know! that's the magic time :)
    i only had about half an hour to get those all in, but it was worth the rush!

  3. Angieee these are amazing! I'm totally gonna be callin' on you if Jackson EVER proposes haha ;)

  4. Thanks Jenny! You just let me know when :P
    we can always do a non-pre-engagement-cute-couple shoot sometime :)


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