hello, monday

I've never really been the type of girl to keep a steady journal and I suppose that my blogging style has certainly mimicked that bad habit, so I think the best way to tell you about what I've been up to is doing what I do best- posting a ton of photos! (all of the photos are from my phone, and posted on Instagram)

 playing kings at the cottage. this girl had the most amazing couch and chair set. i flat out told her that if they ever needed a home, I was her girl.
 I have been liking my hair curled lately, but to be honest it takes a lot of time to do, and sometimes just falls because of my stupid healthy hair.

 Canada Day! featuring ninja turtle toes hahaha
 mustard fields always remind me of my Grandpa. I miss him.

 my best friend Jazz and I

 i love the beach :)

 $6 shoes. (thank you Giant Tiger) I feel like I really want to wear them with lace fold over socks

trying to get my inspiration back. i haven't painted in 6 months. it's coming back slowly. 
check out the sketchbook project 2011 it's amazing! I did a sketchbook in 2010, but I didn't like how it turned out so much. This year the tour even comes to Toronto, so I want to make sure what I create in this sketchbook is exactly what I want!

I am looking for a crappy summer job, but while I can I am trying to enjoy my summer. I start school on August 22nd (bummer) and my schedule is so intense that when I first saw it I cried (haha I'm such a wimp). Basically it's 5 days a week, some days are 8am-9pm, some are 8am-7pm but add on a hefty hour-two hour commute, and I think I may be exhausted soon enough!

There are a bunch of other things I hope to do with summer so I figure, hey! let's bust out a list. My mom gave me some great advice that I really need to start taking, and that is to do things one at a time, write a list and try to cross those things off your list. I think that so very often I get caught up in the big picture, and that gets overwhelming. So if you're anything like me, take it day by day.

summer goals:
-clean my room
-redecorate my room
-organize all my art and supplies (there are a lot of both)
-get a tan
-go camping
-go to a cottage (I am going to one next weekend too, but we will be camping out)
-go to the Toronto Islands
-try a 3 new restaurants in Toronto
-go to Snakes and Lattes in Toronto
-go to the beach as often as possible (so far I've gone twice)
-get a job to bring in some money
-start a work out routine
-paint some commissioned pieces 
-take some commissioned photographs
-change my hair

There's just a little update! I can't promise there will be another one soon, because I should busy myself with that list!

Have a sunshiney day! 
Angela Anne 

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