oh dear

bad news bears
my 5 year old MacBook pro is a goner. $800 repair- so I might as well get a new laptop all together.
(which is going to take me a while to work for)
my posts, which were beginning to appear more often and more inspired may be on hold, again- or they are going to be all boring and stuff hahaha
worst timing ever! right before school!

I have so many changes to make before August 22nd, eep! wish me luck


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  1. thats sad news, my 5 year old ibook also broke about 4 months ago. Just shut off one day and never came back.

    I just got a new (to me) imac on kijiji. I paid $750 for a 2 year old 24" perfect condition. try and look on kijiji and craigslist, sometimes people are selling computers because they are downsizing offices or other reasons and the computers still have plenty of life in them!

    it saves you money and the tax and apple is REALLY good about servicing any of their computers regardless if you have a receipt.

    good luck though, being computer-less is the worst :(


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