I thought a good way to blog some more is to write about some of the people and things that really keep me inspired (which is not an easy feat with all of this busy-ness!)

one of my favouite bloggers is miss kaelah bee from honey bee in the city
i also come from an art background and some days really wish that i had the nerve to drop everything and follow my dreams like kaelah did! she has such a positive attitude and she is simply adorable (i want every single outfit she has ever posted, seriously)!

she recently blogged about the feeling of wanderlust, and that really struck a chord with me.
i am currently in teacher's college, and it gets a bit mundane sometimes (lesson plans, more lesson plans and more lesson plans!). i am on placement right now, working with grade 7 and 8 students and while it is rewarding, i wonder if this is what i should be doing for the rest of my life.
i mean, c'mmon! i'm an idea girl! i have big ones, and lots of them! and i do have that wanderlust- every single day...

so here's to the girls who follow their dreams and help others who may feel lost at times, really feel like they can follow theirs!

-Angela Anne

p.s. kaelah is having an awesome lomography giveaway on her blog at the moment. make sure to enter! i know i did!

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